I recently found out that a friend of mine, Trina would be leaving Vancouver soon to move to London. Wanting to get some more experience with photography I offered to do a casual photo shoot with her before she leaves. She asked if she could bring her family and I welcomed the idea. We decided to meet at Queen Elizabeth Park to take some photos.


This was my first time taking family photos and also the first time I went for a photo shoot on my own. I was a bit nervous especially working with so many people. Figuring out how and where to position them, lighting, and hoping everyone was in a good mood while I fiddled around with the right settings was weighing in on my mind. 

Joining us on the shoot was Trina's mom Marlene, two sisters Kaye & Bea, boyfriend John, and her dog Max. Everyone was a total blast to work with which really put me at ease. 


It was a warm and sunny day, but this also presented some challenges with the sun shining brightly creating harsh shadows. Regardless it was beautiful out, and I hope that her family enjoyed the day with each other. I know I learned a lot from this shoot that will help me get better for the future. So I am very thankful that I was able to capture such a fun family together. 

I'm hoping to go on more photo excursions now, so if you are looking for some photos and wanting to spend time with a pretty cool guy feel free to reach out. Thanks Trina for coming out and good luck in London!

family photo