Its official. We are excited to announce that we as a company have our own space, located in the Beaumont Studios on 5th and Alberta. 

The Beaumont Studios is a non-profit organization that houses artists from many different areas such as jewelry makers, tattoo artists, and music composers, just to name a few. We have our conference table, chairs and refrigerator (for non-alcoholic drinks…) This is where the magic will happen!


The Beaumont Studios is located on the eastern fringe of the Fairview area. Its a stark contrast from the living room we worked out of in Richmond. 

This is a busy area, filled with interesting and creative people. 'Unfortunately', the area also filled with Ice cream shops, coffee shops, local craft breweries, and pizza places. One new brewery/restaurant is opening up right around the corner from the office - Big Rock Brewery.

Big Rock has a special place in our hearts. Almost two years ago we submitted one of the first videos made as Velour Productions, “Beer Pong”. Our entry into the Big Rock Eddies, a competition where filmmakers create a big rock commercial. 

It feels like so long since we made the video. I feel we’ve learned so much from every project, and I am so excited for the work to come. So next time you’re in the area come in and say hello. We might have some Big Rocks in the fridge, no promises!