Why we are leaving Weddings

After 5 beautiful years of capturing very special moments we have made the hard decision to step away from the wedding industry. It was not an easy decision for us as we owe our start to photographing weddings. Weddings served as the base of where we learned a lot of our skills and how to run a business.

We are beyond grateful to each couple for the opportunity to capture their special day. We know that these are memories that last a lifetime and we had one chance to capture it. That’s a lot of trust to put in a new business just entering the scene!

We’ve had such fond memories meeting awesome couples, families and discovering new locations…. That is why it was such a hard decision. We were known for weddings and have worked hard to establish ourselves in the industry. But this is the same reason why we decided to step away from weddings for now. After our 5 year anniversary we sat down and had a hard look at our business and asked ourselves what we wanted to accomplish in the next 5 years. We unanimously agreed that we wanted to challenge ourselves in new and creative ways. We needed to focus all our energy into growing ourselves and try new things. Be scared again.

We’re like Tarzan. It feels great when you swing on that vine but overtime that vine will lose momentum and you’ll be stuck. You have to let go and find the next vine to swing to. That’s the only way to move forward.

Thank you everyone who has followed along this journey with us. We can’t wait to share what’s next!

– Victor, Adam and Daniel.



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