Client: SOLE

SOLE an insole company based in Vancouver BC, approached us to help create a series of videos to launch their new line of footbeds. 

The focus was to highlight different athletes and create a small vignette into their personality/story and how a footbed is crucial to their success in their respective sports. 

Script & Concept - Karla Peckett
Director - Victor Yuen
Camera - Dan, Victor, Harm
Audio Recording - Adam Jackson
Makeup and Hair - Dani Dyrland
Edit & Grade - Victor Yuen


  • To create small vignettes of different use cases of SOLE’s line of footbeds.

  • Show how different athletes depend on proper footwear.


We had one day to shoot over 6 athletes so we knew we had to work quickly and efficiently. In order to execute a tight timeline our team planned out and story boarded each athletes actions, the angles we wanted and what they were going to do on camera. We wanted to make sure the day ran like a well oiled machine and to guarantee that we organized a test shoot a week before so we knew our timing better.

This pre-shoot also allowed us to dial in our lighting, camera, angles and timing. We had to make sure we make mistakes here so we wouldn’t make them on the client’s time. Here are our results from the test.


Our final deliverables after editing from our client feedback.

The Hero

The main video set to a tone poem of what it means to 'Stay in the Game'

The Personas

Small vignettes into the personality and story of each athlete.

The Social Hits

Super quick hits used for social. It's all about action and speed here.

Behind the Scenes

Some behind the scenes captured by Piero Ferrando.